Rescue Warriors Monthly Giving Club

Sponsorship Options

For as little as $10/month, you can become an American Rescue Dog, Rescue Warrior. By joining, your automatic monthly credit card gifts will provide consistent and reliable funds, which allow our rescue to save more doggies without worry. It is easy to budget and it feels great to be making a difference for animals every month of the year.

The Spay/neuter Sponsorship:

  • $10/month (only $0.33/day) will cover the medical costs to spay/neuter THREE dogs rescued from the shelter.
  • The Freedom Ride Sponsorship:

  • $25/month (only $0.83/day) will cover the transportation costs of FOUR dogs from an overcrowded shelter to American Rescue Dog.
  • The Guardian Angel Sponsorship:

  • $50/month (only $1.66/day) will cover ALL the costs associated with caring for the dogs, which include food, toys, dog beds, leashes, etc.
  • “The Full ride” Sponsorship

  • $100/month (only $3.33/day) will cover the ALL the costs associated with rescuing FOUR dogs. Transportation and veterinary costs, which include vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick preventive, spay/neutered, microchipping, and health certification.
  • What are Benefits of Becoming a Rescue Warrior?

    When you donate to American Rescue Dog, you will join us in our mission to rescue dogs from high-kill shelters, or any other life-threatening situation, and provide medical care, spay/neutering and a permanent loving home. Becoming a sponsor is easy, automatic, and tax-deductible. All Rescue Warriors will receive a logo gift upon joining, a ‘Sponsor’ graphic to share on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, subscription to our newsletter (so you can see your donation at work) and special invitations to “puppy avalanche” visits at the rescue farm, and the reward of knowing you were personally responsible for helping save a dog’s life!!

    Order your Pet Food at and American Rescue Dog will get a $20 donation!